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Your pet funeral in Gelsenkirchen.

Cremare pet funeral in Gelsenkirchen

Our team welcomes you to the Cremare animal funeral in Gelsenkirchen in a friendly and lovingly furnished atmosphere. We will accompany you through every step of saying goodbye to your beloved pet. We design the process according to your wishes and take care of all the steps so that you can take all the time you need to grieve.

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A thank you for the time together.

We are at your side in Gelsenkirchen during the difficult time of farewell. Our trained and empathetic pet undertakers with many years of experience will accompany you. We will advise you on the options for cremation as well as your individual wishes for the funeral of your pet. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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Say goodbye to your beloved pet with us

Arranging an appointment in advance is important. This means we can support you in the upsetting situation and give you the time to say goodbye to your pet. We offer you peace and quiet in a lovingly designed farewell room.

Choose one of our three animal cremations. With premium cremation you can accompany the cremation in our crematorium. Afterwards you have the opportunity to take the ashes home with you. For individual cremation, we will work with you to coordinate a suitable date for the ashes to be handed over. During collective cremation, your beloved pet will be cremated together with others and buried in the scattering bed in the Garden of Remembrance.

No matter which type of pet funeral you choose, every animal receives the same respectful and dignified treatment that it deserves for its many years of loyalty.

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Our team welcomes you to the Gelsenkirchen pet funeral in a friendly atmosphere. We offer you the complete service of advice, support and ash return. Before the animal is cremated, you have the opportunity to say goodbye to your pet in peace and quiet in a farewell room. Discover our animal urn gallery and memorial jewelry. If you have any questions, our animal undertaker team is at your side.
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About Cremare Tierbestattung

At some point, pet owners reach the difficult day when they have to say goodbye to their beloved pet forever. At Cremare, we share your love of animals and therefore do our best to ensure that every farewell is dignified. Treating your deceased pet with respect is a matter close to our hearts.

Do you have individual wishes for your pet’s funeral or would you like to choose a special urn or unique memorial jewellery? We will also be happy to advise you on this.

About Cremare pet funeral

Our animals have been companions, best friends, confidants and soulmates for many years. That’s why, with over a quarter of a century of experience, we do our best to give you a respectful farewell to your pet.

With a growing number of pet crematorium locations and pet funeral parlor branches, we are always close to you. We are there for you and accompany you through this sad time.

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Options for pet cremation

At Cremare pet funeral, you can say an individual and respectful farewell to your pet. We offer various types of cremation. Find out more about our pet funeral service here.

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Would you like to order the collection of your deceased pet for funeral directly online? Then please use our form. We are also happy to help you personally at any time.

Arrange collection for pet funeral
Arrange collection for pet funeral

Our pet funeral as a package price

We offer our various types of animal cremation at an innovative package price – fast, easy to understand and with no hidden additional costs.

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