Fair and transparent costs for your pet funeral

Here you find an overview of all costs for cremating your beloved pet. We offer different types of cremation at a package price – easy to understand and without hidden additional costs.

It is important to us that you can take your time in the difficult moment of saying goodbye and do not have to deal with confusing costs.

These services are already included in all funeral costs:

If you have any further individual requests, we are of course happy to advise you and look forward to your call.

Overview of services for the different types of animal funeral:

Collective Individual Pre­mium
Cremation certificate
Collection of ashes
Cremation date
Laying out

Overview of the costs for the different types of animal funeral:

Animal species Collective Individual Pre­mium
Pets 145 € 230 € 330 €
Cats 200 € 320 € 420 €
Dogs < 5 kg 200 € 320 € 420 €
Dogs 5,1-10 kg 225 € 355 € 455 €
Dogs 10,1-15 kg 240 € 385 € 485 €
Dogs 15,1-25 kg 255 € 410 € 510 €
Dogs 25,1-45 kg 265 € 435 € 535 €
Dogs > 45 kg 275 € 445 € 545 €

Costs for additional services for your pet funeral

Would you like us to pick up your deceased pet from your home on a specific date? Is it important to you that your ashes be returned personally or sent insured by post directly to your home? We will of course be happy to fulfill these wishes for you. This service is available for a small additional fee.

Costs for collecting your deceased pet from your home:

Private collection Surcharge on package prices
Up to 50 km 30 €
Up to 100 km 60€
Up to 150 km 100 €

Costs for repatriating the ashes of your deceased animal:

Personal return of the ashes Surcharge on package prices
Up to 50 km 30 €
Up to 100 km 60 €
Up to 150 km 100 €
Shipping the ashes
Return package 16 €

Costs for collecting your animal and returning the ashes on special and public holidays:

Weekend and public holiday surcharge Surcharge on package prices
Emergency service fee when dropping off or picking up at home 50 €

Costs for pet urns, memorabilia, ashes jewellery and diamonds

The prices for animal urns, ashes jewellery and diamonds depend on various factors, such as size, material and your wishes for customization. You will find a large selection so that you can design memories of your faithful companion according to his or her character and personality. We are happy to advise you on the range and prices of our high-quality urns and memorabilia.

Credit towards the pet funeral package price:

After making an appointment, you also have the option of personally bringing your deceased pet to the pet crematorium or pet funeral branch in your area. For this you will receive a credit of 20 EUR towards the funeral costs.

Our payment methods for funeral costs

Payment for cremating your pet can be made after the invoice has been issued or directly when we pick up your deceased pet from your home.

The following payment methods are possible:

  • Advance transfer
  • EC payment at our locations
  • Cash payment on collection

Cremare pet funeral near you

Cremare pet funeral is also present in your area. With a growing number of animal crematoria and animal undertaker branches, we are always very close to you.

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Our urn and jewellery range

Would you like a special urn for the ashes, or would you like to have special memorial jewellery made? We would be happy to advise you about our selection of urns and jewellery. In this way, you will be reminded of your unique companion for all time, also after the animal has been buried.

Options for pet cremation

At Cremare, you can say an individual and respectful farewell to your pet. We offer various types of cremation. Find out more about our pet funeral service here.

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Arrange collection for pet funeral

Would you like to order the collection of your deceased pet for funeral directly online? Then please use our form. We will also be happy to help you personally at any time.

Do you have any further questions about the costs of a pet funeral?

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