Say goodbye to your pet with cremation

The cremation of deceased people and animals is a traditional form of burial that is thousands of years old. Cremation (incineration) is also becoming increasingly popular with pet owners as it represents a dignified alternative to disposing of animal carcasses. It also offers advantages over burial in the ground, which is only possible under certain circumstances. If you move, for example, it is not possible or very difficult to take the buried animal with you.

During a cremation, the animal’s body disintegrates into ash within a few hours in a firebrick oven heated to 850-900 degrees Celsius. This raw ash is ground so that it can be filled into urns or other containers, such as ash jewelry. You can think of the ground ash as limestone.

The ash can be handled very flexibly and individually. You can scatter it yourself in nature, have it scattered in a litter bed or put into an urn at the animal crematorium, or store the ashes in an urn at home, for example. Some of the ashes can be symbolically filled into a piece of jewellery. The production of diamonds or gemstones is also possible.

Since the death of an animal can unfortunately occur unexpectedly, a decision must be made quickly as to what should happen. Our trained and experienced pet undertaker team will help you sensitively in these moments. We will work with you to make your farewell to your pet the way you want it to be.

If you would like to find out more in advance and at an early stage – we will be happy to advise you at any time until all questions have been answered.

Transparency and security at Cremare

Your pet will receive a 10-digit personal identification number that will accompany it from pickup to delivery of its ashes. This number is digitally transferred to our software. Every single step is documented. Thanks to our modern tracking system, we can provide you with information about the status of things at any time.

In addition, during individual cremation and premium cremation, your animal is marked with an individually numbered, non-combustible firebrick in the oven so that the ashes can always be assigned to the individual animal. This prevents confusion.

After the cremation, you will receive a certificate with the name of your animal and the date of cremation.

Do you have any more questions?

We create trust with transparent processes, insights into our crematoria, honest dealings and a double-secured traceability system. You are welcome to ask any questions or contact us for a “look behind the scenes”.