The Cremare emergency card

“What happens to my animal if something happens to me?”

Then the rescue workers should be informed immediately that there are animals waiting at home that need urgent care.

This is not always just about providing food and water, but also potentially sick animals that need medication (e.g. epileptics, diabetics, thyroid patients).

With our free Cremare emergency card you can point out what help your animals need.

You can also specify which trusted person should be contacted in an emergency.

This is how the emergency card works

  1. Click on the link and print the map. Thick paper is best suited for this.
  2. Cut out the card and fold it in half.
  3. Glue the two inside sides together so that the images are visible outside.
  4. Now you can fill out the card and, if available, laminate it.
  5. It is best to carry the completed emergency card with you in your wallet next to your personal details.

Please also remember to inform the contact person you have entered.

Stay healthy!

Print out the Cremare emergency card here!

You can also get the free emergency cards at our animal crematoria.